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Office of Multicultural Education Facilities

The Office of Multicultural Education is located on the first floor of the Martha Miller Center for Global Communication. The Martha Miller Center is a beautiful building which houses not only the Office of Multicultural Education and Office of International Education, but also the Departments of Communication and Modern and Classical Languages.

The Office of Multicultural Education was created as a resource for students and the campus community to expand their knowledge and experience in the area of diversity. The OME office and associated rooms at the Martha Miller Center serve as a place of support and guidance for students of color, student organizations and the general student body.

  Room 111 of the Martha Miller Center is the Multicultural Student Lounge, which is located next to the International Student Lounge (Room 110).
  The Office of Multicultural Education also coordinates room reservations for the Phelps Multicultural Lounge East and West, located in the Phelps dorm. This is a wonderful set of rooms for meetings and gatherings for Multicultural Education and the entire campus. Please choose the link above to make a room reservation for the Phelps Multicultural Lounge.