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Multicultural Student Organizations

Black Student Union

The mission of BSU is to facilitate interaction and heighten awareness of African American history and culture within the Hope College and Holland communities. We work to unite the community by providing educational experiences through the hosting of speakers, dialogues and social functions.

Motto: Building Strength through Unity


Hope's Asian Perspective Association

The mission of HAPA is to aid the establishment of diversity and to promote awareness on Hope College's campus of an Asian American history, experiences, issues and perspectives. We provide events on the campus that deal with Asian American heritage. We aim to help and stimulate the community of Hope College and strengthen the identity of the Asian American members.


Latino Student Organization

The mission of LSO is to promote an understanding of the Latino culture in the Hope College and Holland communities. We hope to do this by introducing others to the richness of various Latino cultures throughout activities and programs.


Theta Gamma Pi

The purpose of the Theta Gamma Pi Sorority shall be to create a multicultural sisterhood that will be active in the community through leadership and service.  While upholding respect for our own unique differences, we will work to educate our fellow students to ultimately promote the growth of diversity on campus. 

Motto: Unity, Respect, and Sisterhood