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Current Class Year:
 First Year
Location in which you hope to live:
Hall    Cottage    Apartment
What are you looking for (in a few words):

Reminder: Information provided will be posted on a nonsecure website.


Name: Kelly Hesselbein
Class: First Year
Gender: Female
Location: Hall
Looking For:: Someone who is easy going, quiet, and doesn't mind giving me space. Posted 6/1/2015

Name: Rebekah Mackley
Class: Other
Gender: Female
Location: Apartment
Looking For:: I graduated last May from Hope College graduate and will be graduating from grad school in July. I am looking for a roommate/apartment off campus starting June or July in Holland. I am clean, considerate, and laid back. I also have a steady job, sable income, and no criminal history, but will be working weird hours at times. I am looking for preferably a female roommate, but am open to a male roommate. No pets please as I am allergic to most. I drink occasionally and am comfortable with overnight guests (of either sex), as long as it is not on a consistent basis. I am looking to keep rent below $400 a month and would prefer a 6 month to 12 month lease. Please email me if you are interested. Posted 2/18/2015

Name: Brooke Hedglen
Class: First Year
Gender: Female
Location: Hall
Looking For:: I'm looking for someone that loves to be active and doing things a lot. I get bored very easy so I love spontaneous little adventures. Yet when it comes to school and school work I believe that always comes first. When I study I need it very quiet. I'm looking for someone who likes to study with others and school is important to them as well. I would like to be in a large mixed gender hall.I also love going to worship so a roommate who enjoys that would be awesome. At night I go to sleep at a decent hour but it is hard for me to sleep if there is a lot of noise. I usually sleep with the sound of a fan. I like all types of music. Mainly hip hop and country. I'm a pretty early riser for the most part. I am a very clean person and I like to have everything organized. Overall I'm pretty laid back and am very open minded. I enjoy being productive and having a good time and I am hoping to find a roommate who does as well. I am very excited to find a roommate and hoping to create a close friendship over the course of our 4 years at Hope College! Posted 5/18/2015