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4 Person Apartment Application

Instructions: Read and complete this application and submit it to the Student Development office by February 23, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Late Applications will not be accepted. Return only one application per group.

The contact person will be notified of the results by e-mail on February 24, 2017.

Group Contact Person:
E-mail Address:

All students listed on this application are expected to remain in the apartment for the entire academic year. The only exceptions to this are students who; 1). graduate at the end of the fall semester or 2). study abroad during the spring semester. If any of the approved exceptions apply, please list the residents who will fill these space(s) in the spring column. If there are no changes, you do not have to fill the spring columns.


Fall       Spring  
Name ID# Credit Hours Name ID#

Apartment Preference(please rank all options in order of preference, with #1 being your first choice).

    Brumler Apartments (106 East 13th Street)
    Cavanaugh Duplex (120 East 14th Street)
    Cleo Apartments (25 West 9th Street)
    Columbia Apartments (367 Columbia Avenue)
    Davis Duplex (274 E. 14th Street)
    Fairbanks Villages (298-425 Tulip Boulevard)
    Gazelle Apartments (24 E. 8th Street)
    Kraker Annex (21 West 9th Street Apt. 220)
    Kraker Apartments (215 South River Avenue)
    Parkview Apartments (161 East 9th Street)
    VanderBorgh Duplex (130/132 East 14th Street)
    Vennema Apartments (24 East 13th Street)

Note: During the academic year, if any apartment does not remain full, consolidation will occur. If opposition is met, additional chargers will be placed on students account.

Note: Please check CIT website for internet connection information.

Note: Oggel Apartments are used for married housing. If you need this please contact the housing department x 7943.


  • Apartments that are not downtown including College East, Brumler, Oggel, Champion, VanderBorgh, Klaasen, Columbia, Parkview, Vennema, Yellow, and Cavanaugh are required to purchase a Hope College parking permit to park on campus.
  • Fairbank Villages: Free Parking permits will be issued and recorded to residents to park at Fairbank Villages. The garage space and space in front of garage must be used for parking. If more than two parking spaces are needed, you can park in the front common area space. Cars will be towed (at owners expense) for illegally parking.
  • Downtown apartments will have the following parking arrangements.

The Holland Downtown Parking Authority is allowing for:

  • Brownstone: 12 permits (3 per 6 person apt)
  • Cleo: 6 permits (2 per 4 person apt)
  • Gazelle: 6 permits (1 for 2 person apts and 2 for 4 person apt)
  • Kraker Annex: 4 permits (2 per apt)
  • Kraker: 16 permits (2 for 4 person apt and 3 for 6 person apt)
  • TreeHouse: 4 permits (1 for 2 person apt)

Students receiving downtown apartments must notify housing at of who is purchasing the downtown parking permits.

*Parking pass prices have not been set for the 2016-2017 academic year.

NOTE: If you are attending an off campus study program in the Fall, you may not participate in the Housing process. You will make arrangements before you return in the Spring.

NOTE: Consideration will be given to the ratio of male/females students and male/female applications received when assigning apartments.

NOTE: In order for the apartment to be granted during the housing selection process, all students who applied for the apartment must accept their assignment or the group will not be given the apartment.

NOTE: You must have the complete number required to fill the apartment you choose. For example, one person may not apply for a 2-person apartment.

Please have each person in the group send email to HOUSING to confirm the application by February 23, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Thank you! NOTE:A person's name may only appear on one application per apartment size (Example: someone cannot be part of two different 2 person applications). If a person on the application has already received off-campus or commuter permission, this application indicates that he/she is turning down off-campus or commuter permission and will reside on campus in 2017-2018 (regardless of whether an apartment is received).


Decisions on who receives an apartment, and which apartment they receive are based on earned credit hours. The total credits for each apartment group were added together, and apartments were assigned in descending order (according to first available preference).

If the apartment does not remain full at any time during the summer or during the academic year, the persons remaining in the apartment can fill that space within a 72 hour time period of that space becoming empty. If the space is not filled within that time frame, the Student Development Office has the right to fill that space. If opposition is met, the Student Development has the right to ask the remaining student(s) to move or place additional housing charges for the individuals remaining in the apartment.