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Presentations and Interviews

"Before the Dutch: The Old Wing Mission Indian Colony," lecture at the Men's Club, Evergreen Commons, Holland. Michigan, August 2002. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Christenen zouden een model moeten zijn van zorgzaam-heid,” interview in Wapenveld, April 2002, 23-28. (James C. Kennedy)

“The Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Issues,” lecture at Evergreen Commons Senior Center, 3 April 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

“A Concise Centennial History of Fourteenth Street Christian Reformed Church,” presentation at the Centennial Celebration Dinner, 15 June 2002. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)
“Dutch Euthanasia Policy,” lecture at the Grand Haven (Michigan) Rotary Club, 6 May 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“Dutch Euthanasia Policy,” presentation at Winter Happening, Hope College, 2 February 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

"The Dutch Impact on West Michigan," radio interview on WGVU radio, 5 November 2001. (Robert P. Swierenga)

"Dutch Yankees," radio interview on Radio Netherland Wereldomroep, 26 May 2002. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Edmund Burke and G. Groen van Prinsterer,” seminar participant, Toronto, 27-30 September 2001. (James C. Kennedy)

“Euthanasie,” television interview on “Buitenhof” on Dutch public television, 28 January 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“Founding of Holland, Michigan, Its Development and Growth,” lecture for the American Church History class at Western Theological Seminary, 17 July 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Historic Holland, Michigan,” presentation to the adult group of the Cornerstone Methodist Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 23 May 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Holland Colony: Its Origin and Development,” presentation to the adult group of the Benzonia United Church of Christ, 24 April 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Holland, Michigan: Past and Present,” lecture and walking tour for international students at Western Theological Seminary, 21 August 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Hope College’s History,” presentation at Rhodes College in Memphis, 3 November 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“Ik zie Nederland geen conservatief land worden,” interview in Vrij Nederland, 17 August 2001, 24-27. (James C. Kennedy)

Illustrated lecture on Greece and Greek mythology, Everglades City (Florida) Public High School, 14 March 2002. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)

“Reformed Church in America: Its History, Nature, and Connection to Hope College,” lecture for new faculty at Hope College, 4 June 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Reviewing 1950: Welvaart in zwart-wit,” KNHG (Royal Dutch Historical Association) meeting, The Hague, 31 May 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“Tot de dood erop volgt,” television interview on “Het andere gezicht” on Dutch public television, 3 September 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“Understanding Holland, Michigan, History from a Historical Perspective,” a two-hour interview included in a videotape on local history for use during Tulip Time, produced by David Schock, Hope College. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Van Raalte Family Homestead: Its Rise and Demise, 1847-1961,” lecture at the annual meeting of the Holland Area Genealogical Society, 1 December 2001. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Van Raalte or Phelps: Who Founded Hope College?” lecture at Hope College, 8 April 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

"The West Michigan Dutch," lecture series for Elderhostel held at Camp Geneva, Holland, Michigan, 9-10, 16-17 May 2002. (Robert P. Swierenga)

"Worship and Work: The Dutch of Chicago," paper presented to the Holland Historical Society, Holland, Michigan, 8 January 2002. (Robert P. Swierenga)