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Presentations and Interviews

“Before the Dutch: The Ottawa Indians and Old Wing Mission.” Paper presented at the Holland Museum, Holland, Michigan, 24 October 2002. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“'Bless the Lord, O My Soul:’ The Bible's Influence on the Dutch Immigrants.” Paper presented at the Holland Museum, Holland, Michigan, for the exhibit “Promised Land, Chosen People: The Bible's Influence in Holland, 1550-1900,” 10 April 2003. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Britain and the Netherlands: Mass Society in the Twentieth Century.” Participant in conference in Swansea, Wales, 27 - 30 August 2003. (James C. Kennedy)

"Chicago's Groninger Hoek," radio interview on Radio Nederland program "Horizons." (Robert P. Swierenga)

“A Century of Change and Adaptation in the First English-Speaking Congregation of the Christian Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan.” Paper presented at the Fourth Triennial Conference of the International Society for the Study of Reformed Communities (ISSRC) held at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1 July 2003. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)

“Coming into Genealogy by the Back Door.” Presentation at the Holland Genealogical Society, Holland, Michigan, 19 April 2003. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Dutch Chicago book.” Interview by Rev. Esler Shuart on “Conversations” on WJQ-AM radio, Holland, Michigan, 6 July 2003. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Dutch Chicago Garbios.” Interview on “Dutch Horizons” on Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, 1 and 4 June 2003. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Dutch Immigration and the Culture of West Michigan.” Three lectures for Elderhostel held at Camp Geneva, Holland, Michigan, 4-9 May 2003. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Dutch Immigrants in the United States.” Interview on “Dutch Horizons” on Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, 23 June 2002. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Fourteenth Street Christian Reformed Church: 100 Years of Worship and Service at 14th and Central.” Lecture for the Holland Area Historical Society held at 14th Street Church, 3 December 2002. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)

“Garbios’: Chicago's Dutch Scavengers.” Paper presented at Winter Happening 2003, Hope College, 25 January 2003, and to Calvin College Heritage Alumni, Calvin College, 1 May 2003. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Groen Van Prinsterer and Kuyper Reconsidered.” Commentator, Conference on Faith and History, Huntington, Indiana, 12 October 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“Historic Holland, Michigan.” Guided tour for spouses of delegates attending the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America at Hope College, 9 June 2003. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Holland, Michigan: Past and Present.” Lecture and walking tour for international students at Western Theological Seminary, 22 August 2003. (Elton J. Bruins)

Interview by Jewel Gopwani, Detroit Free Press staff writer, on Michael Ayrton’s “Corporate Head” sculpture donated to the City of Troy, Michigan, by Kmart Corporation. Interview published in the Community Free Press, 1 May 2003, p. 11. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)

Interview by James C. Kennedy and Caroline J. Simon for their book “Can Hope Endure? A Historical Case Study in Christian Higher Education.” 12 May 2003. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)

Monthly column in Nederlands Dagblad since October 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“Myth and the Creative Process: Michael Ayrton and the Myth of Daedalus, the Maze Maker.” Lectures at De Witt Theatre, Hope College, 22 January 2003, and at Wayne State University, in collaboration with the Detroit Classical Association, Michigan Classical Conference, and the Detroit Institute of Arts, 12 April 2003. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)

“Myth and the Creative Process: Michael Ayrton and the Myth of Daedalus and Icarus.” Lecture for IDS 101, “Encounter with the Arts” class, 3 February 2003. (Jacob E. Nyenhuis)

“New York City, 11 September 2002.” Interview on NOS (Dutch public) radio on the events of the year before. (James C. Kennedy)

“The Touchstones of Dutch Political Culture.” Presentation for the Academie van Wetgeving (Academy for Legislation), 7 April 2003, The Hague. (James C. Kennedy)

Presentation for Rotary Club of Holland, 26 September 2002. (James C. Kennedy)

“The Reformed Church in America: Its History, Nature, and Relationship to Hope College.” Presentation at a faculty seminar, Hope College, 28 May 2003. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Rise and Demise of the Van Raalte Home.” Lecture given at the Holland Area Historical Society, 12 November 2002. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Synopsis of Hope College History.” Presentation to new faculty and staff, Hope College, 20 August 2003. (Elton J. Bruins)

“Taking a Look at Hope College.” Presentation and guided tour of the Hope College campus for Black River Charter School’s humanities class, 30 January 2003. (Elton J. Bruins)

“A Tale of Two Congregations: Acculturation and Its Long-Term Impact on Chicago's West Side Reformed Churches.” Paper presented at the Fourth Triennial Conference, International Society for the Study of Reformed Communities (ISSRC) held at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 1 July 2003. (Robert P. Swierenga)

“Typical Dutch.” Panel discussant at the VSB-Beurzen-dag in Amsterdam on 4 June 2003. (James C. Kennedy)

“The Urban Experience in Dutch Immigrant History.” Paper presented at the Biennial Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Dutch American Studies (AADAS), Trinity Christian College, 6 June 2003. (Robert P. Swierenga)

Various short interviews by Dutch public radio on assorted topics. (James C. Kennedy)

“Walking in Wooden Shoes: History, Culture, and Impact of the Dutch in Holland, Michigan.” Paper presented to the Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony (ACEH), Holland, Michigan, 8 November 2002. (Robert P. Swierenga)