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Visiting Research Fellows Programs

Visiting Research Fellows Program

The Van Raalte Institute (VRI) at Hope College invites applications from qualified scholars for a fellowship offered through the Visiting Research Fellows Program. Up to two fellowships per academic year, each normally for up to ten weeks in duration, will be awarded. Regular members of the Hope College faculty may be appointed for up to one semester of the academic year.

Criteria for Selection of Fellows: Proposals for support must demonstrate that the proposed research fits the Mission Statement of the Van Raalte Institute, that the scholar is qualified to conduct such research, and that the resources of the Institute and of the Joint Archives of Holland are essential to the conduct of that research.

Stipend: $300 per week, with a maximum grant of $3,000. The grant would normally be used to offset travel and living expenses for the fellow. For a Hope faculty member appointed as a visiting research fellow, the VRI will pay up to $3,000 toward the cost of hiring a replacement for faculty member’s teaching responsibilities for that semester.

Arrangements: Visiting Fellows are provided with a small office at the Theil Research Center, the home of both the Van Raalte Institute and the Joint Archives of Holland. We will also make available the resources of the VRI, such as copying privileges and e-mail access. Housing is not provided as part of the fellowship, but the Institute staff will assist in the location of suitable housing at a modest rate—on campus, if possible.

Expectations: The expectations that we have for the Visiting Research Fellows during and after their tenure are the following:

  1. That the Fellow work on the project outlined in the proposal which was the basis for his/her selection;
  2. That the Fellow present a lecture, reporting on the results of her/his work, at a colloquium for faculty, interested students, and the general public;
  3. That he/she submit this lecture in manuscript form for publication and distribution by the Institute;
  4. That she/he submit a brief written report at the end of the fellowship, describing work accomplished during his/her tenure at the Institute;
  5. That he/she acknowledge the support of the Van Raalte Institute in any publication(s) resulting from the fellowship; and
  6. That she/he provide the Institute with a copy of any publication(s) resulting from his/her tenure at the Institute.

Application Process

Application Process: The candidate is to submit a written application via e-mail, fax, or post on or before the stated deadline. The proposal letter should clearly describe the candidate’s project, including information on work already completed and what she/he intends to accomplish during the tenure of the fellowship; should address the criteria used for selection of fellows; should confirm the candidate’s commitment to fulfilling the expectations for visiting research fellows; and should include a current curriculum vitae as an enclosure or attachment.

Application Deadline

Application Deadline: Proposals are due no later than January 15 for a fellowship to begin in the fall semester of that year.

Further Information

Further Information can be obtained from:
Jacob E. Nyenhuis, PhD
Director, Van Raalte Institute
Hope College
PO Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422-9000

Tel.: (616) 395-7678 Fax: (616) 395-7120
Office Address:
Theil Research Center
9 East 10th Street
Holland, MI 49423