Donald Cronkite's Research:

Bacterial Biofilms

When pepper corns are soaked in water, a complex community of bacteria is produced from spores on the surface of the pepper corns.  We are  identifying the bacteria and studying their interactions.

Biology and Culture

I am interested in finding a middle ground between those who have adopted science as their ideology and those who reject science in deference to an ideology that regrets the modern world.  One specific example is the conflict of evolution and creation and another is the question of whether genetic engineering methods should be applied to humans.
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Links relevant to my research interests:

       I.  Biofilms

       II.  Paramecium

       III.  Biology and Culture


for middle school: Cells and Heredity, Science Explorer Series, Prentice Hall.
for college students: A Problem-Based Guide to Basic Genetics, Saunders College.
for college teachers:
A Guide to Asking About Life for Teachers and TA's, Harcourt College

 Paramecium Biology

I have studied many aspects of Paramecium biology including mating in P. tetraurelia, early events in fertilization of P. caudatum, photobehavior of P. bursaria, potassium resistance genes in P. tetrarelia and water regulation of P. tetraurelia and P. calkinsi