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Research Opportunities

Learn Biology by Doing Biology

Want to get involved? Find a research project to become a part of and talk to a professor today.

Interested in summer research at Hope College? For more details about the 2016 Biology Summer Research Program click on link below.

Faculty Research

More Faculty Research


Assessing the Role of Endophytic Fungi in Managed and Natural Ecosystems

Picture of Researcher Principal Investigator Dr. Thomas Bultman learn more

Can Students at Hope College Help Find a Cure for Cancer?

Picture of Researcher Principal Investigator Dr. Maria Burnatowska-Hledin learn more

Regulation of Membrane Transporters by Reactive Oxygen Species

Picture of Researcher Principal Investigator Dr. Leah Chase learn more

Horizontal Gene Transfer of Cholorplast Genes in the Parasitic Plant Balanophora

Picture of Researcher Principal Investigator Dr. Jianhua Li learn more

Molecular Regulation of Lipid Metabolism

Picture of Researcher Principal Investigator Dr. Virginia McDonough learn more

Interactions of soil microbes and pioneer plant seeds

Picture of ResearcherPicture of Researcher Dr. Kathy Winnett-Murray and Dr. K. Greg Murray learn more

Dozens of Research Opportunities on ECOLOG

Various positions for undergrads advertised on this site.

learn more

Click on the link below for more off campus positions

More Off Campus Opportunities

Looking for a Job/Internship Off Campus?

Take a look at current job postings and internships available. Make sure to check back often.

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Meet Featured Biology Intern, Zach Mobley

Zach Mobley