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Our Facilities

People passionate about doing biology

The Biology Department has well-equipped facilities and labs with an unusual amount of distinctive equipment to support research and laboratory coursework.

A. Paul Schaap Science Center

Building Shot of A. Paul Schaap Science Center

Facilities include a molecular biology/biochemistry teaching laboratory, a microcomputer laboratory, fourteen faculty/student research labs, a greenhouse, an aviary, animal rooms, and six walk-in environmental chambers with temperature and light cycle controls.

A personal visit to the department is the best way to see and understand our significant collection of analytical equipment!

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Over the past 5 years the Biology Department has purchased over $416,281 worth of new equipment.

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The 1750 sq.ft. greenhouse provides an environment in which experimental plants can be cultivated to allow student-faculty collaborative research.

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Hope College Nature Preserve

Over 40 species of plants, 14 species of mammals, 40 species of birds, and hundreds of species of arthropods have been explored on the property.

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Outdoor Discovery Center

Hope College and the Outdoor Discovery Center are collaborating on several research and educational projects. The ODC, 5 miles south of campus, maintains a field station laboratory on their premises for use by Hope College students and faculty.

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Hope College Morningside Park

Morningside Park functions as a botanical garden for education, research, and public display.

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Van Kley Science Museum

Over 20 different species of animals and a wide array of animal artifacts.

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