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Picture of Aaron Best Aaron A. Best Harrison C. and Mary L. Visscher Associate Professor of Genetics


  • Henry CS, DeJongh M, Best AA, Frybarger P*, Linsay B* and Stevens RL. (2010) High-throughput generation, optimization and analysis of genome-scale metabolic models. Nature Biotech. 28:977-982. Electronic Version
  • Desta D, Sjoholm R*, Lee L^, Lee M^, Dittenhager K^, Canche S*, Babu B, Chavda S, Dewar C, Yanow S, Best AA and Lee M. (2010) Synthesis and Antiprotozoal Activity of 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-2-thioxopyrimidine Analogs of Combretestatin A-4. Med. Chem. Res. doi:10.1007/s00044-010-9334-1. Electronic Version
  • Tintle NL, Best AA, DeJongh M, Van Bruggen D*, Heffron F, Porwollik S and Taylor RC. (2008) Gene set anlyses for interpreting microarray experiments on prokaryotic organisms. BMC Bioinform. 9:469. Highly Accessed. Electronic Version
  • Aziz RK, Bartels D, Best AA, DeJongh M, Disz T, Edwards RA, Formsma K*, Gerdes S, Glass EM, Kubal M, Meyer F, Olsen GJ, Olson R, Osterman AL, Overbeek RA, McNeil LK, Paarmann D, Paczian T, Parrello B, Pusch GD, Reich C, Stevens R, Vassieva O, Vonstein V, Wilke A and Zagnitko O. (2008) The RAST Server: Rapid Annotations using Subsystems Technology. BMC Genomics. 9:75. Highly Accessed. Electronic Version
  • Best AA, DeJongh M, Barton AJ, Brown JR and Barney CC. (2007) Models of interdisciplinary research and service learning at Hope College. CUR Quarterly. 28:18-23.
  • Morrison HG, McArthur AG, Gillin FD, Aley SB, Adam RD, Olsen GJ, Best AA, Cande WZ, Chen F, Cipriano MJ, Davids BJ, Dawson SC, Elmendorf HG, Hehl AB, Holder ME, Huse SM, Kim UU, Lasek-Nesselquist E, Manning G, Nigam A, Nixon JEJ, Palm D, Passamaneck NE, Prabhu A, Reich CI, Reiner DS, Samuelson J, Svard SG and Sogin ML. (2007) Genomic minimalism in the early diverging, intestinal parasite, Giardia lamblia. Science. 317:1921-1926. Electronic Version
  • DeJongh M, Formsma K*, Boillot P*, Gould J*, Rycenga M*, and Best A. (2007) Toward the automated generation of genome-scale metabolic networks in the SEED. BMC Bioinform. 8:139. Highly Accessed. Electronic Version
  • Best AA, Morrison HG, McArthur AG, Sogin ML and Olsen GJ. (2004) Evolution of transcription: insights from the genome of Giardia lamblia. Genome Res. 14:1537-1547. Electronic Version
  • Best AA and Olsen GJ. (2001) Similar subunit architecture of archaeal and eukaryal RNA polymerases. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 195:85-90. Electronic Version

(*undergraduate author)

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Phone: 616-395-7376
Fax: 616-395-7125
E-mail: best@hope.edu
Office: Science Center 3015

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