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Field Studies in Biology

Biology 380

Students on rock close to water, observing a lizard

Venture out beyond the lab and classroom to get your hands dirty in the world of biology. And why not get credit for doing what you are passionate about.

The Biology Department offers exciting, field-based May Terms (listed as Biology 380: Field Studies in Biology) in most years as a way of “learning biology by doing biology” in some of the most spectacular locations for biological diversity on the planet! Among the most popular May Term course offerings are “Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands” and “East Africa”, both taught by Emeritus Professor Dr. Harvey Blankespoor, the most well-traveled prof in the Bio Department! Equally exciting local and not-so-local May Terms periodically include “Biology of Birds” (migrate with the birds as you camp around the Great Lakes region learning ornithology) and “Florida” (focusing on the marine and terrestrial invertebrate life of America’s largest penninsula).

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Unique programs

We believe that students learn best by doing biology so it is equally important that we provide new and interesting ways for you to do exactly that. The programs below are only available at Hope College, so you won't find these anywhere else.

Unique Biology Programs