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Four Year Plan - Samples

There are many possible pathways to degrees and careers in the biological sciences; each individual student's ultimate pathway may be unique, individualized, and tailored to your own interests and passions.

To assist with your planning, however, we have developed some possible "tracks" for particular sub-fields within the biological sciences. Please note that this list is currently incomplete – we are adding new "tracks" periodically – inclusion on this list is not a reflection of current job market trends, absolute requirements of professional and graduate schools, not even official majors and minors at Hope – these "tracks" are provided only to give you guidelines for possibilities when you know where your passions and interests lie.

  • Pre-health professions (medical, dental, physician assistant, physical therapy, etc.). Please visit the Hope College pre-health professions website by clicking here. Also, make an appointment to see Hope's Health Professions Advisor (HPA), Professor Tahnee Prokopow of the Biology Department.

    For those students interested in Pre-Veterinary medicine, Dr. Greg Fraley (Biology Department) is currently the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advisor. For more information about Dr. Fraley's Pre-Veterinary Program click here.

  • Environmental Science Minor: For science majors interested in careers in the environmental sciences, the environmental science minor offers an interdisciplinary science approach and is administered by the Departmental of Geological and Environmental Sciences (GES).
  • Neuroscience Minor: Hope College offers an interdisciplinary neuroscience minor for students particularly interested in aspects of the nervous system as it relates to their own major discipline.
  • Biology Education K-12: For students interested in becoming teachers of biology at the secondary level and/or science teachers at the elementary/middle school level, it is important to get an early start on required courses in the Education Department within your first year or two at Hope College.

    For the specific courses required for certification as a Biology secondary teacher visit Secondary Certification Program and select Biology major or minor.

    For specific courses required for certification as an Elementary Integrated Science major visit the Elementary Certification Program and select "elementary integrated science group".

  • Ecology and Conservation Biology: for students interested in pursuing graduate work in ecology, conservation biology and environmental biology, a potential track for suggested coursework, as well as a recommendation for off-campus field work, is provided:

    Example Track

What can I do with a Biology Degree?

Unique programs

We believe that students learn best by doing biology so it is equally important that we provide new and interesting ways for you to do exactly that. The programs below are only available at Hope College, so you won't find these anywhere else.

Unique Biology Programs