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David Phillips, PhD
Assistant Professor of Economics

Georgetown University, 2012
Butler University, 2007

Area of Expertise:
•Development Economics
•Labor Economics
•Urban Economics
•Field Experiments

Research Interests:
Health systems in developing countries
•Urban poverty in the United States
•Field experiments and quasi-experimental methods
•Interaction of migration and development

Selected Publications:
•"Wage and Health Worker Retention: Evidence from Public Sector Wage Reforms in Ghana"
•"Getting to Work: Experimental Evidence on Job Search and Transportation Costs"
•"Health Care Worker Wages Before and After the Salary Rationalization Program of 2006"
•"The Stock of Health Care Workers"

Academic/Professional Activities:
American Economic Association

•Southern Economic Association
•Association of Christian Economists
•Calvin Summer Seminar on the Economics of Global Poverty
•Consultant for the World Bank Africa Technical Health Unit

•Razin Prize for Best Dissertation Paper
•Georgetown University Economics Department
•National Poverty Center Small Grants Competition

Professor Phillips joined the faculty at Hope College in 2012. Prior to coming to Hope, he completed a Ph.D. in Economics from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. During this time, he worked on research in international development and urban poverty. Much of his time was spent with Jubilee Jobs, a local non-profit working with urban unemployment and the World Bank's Africa Technical Health Unit. He has a passion for integrating faith and social justice, which was influenced by time spent living in an intentional community and attending the Church of the Saviour in D.C. Professor Phillips has been married to his wife, Janelle, for five years. He enjoys competing in most sports and playing board games of all kinds. He particularly enjoys both watching and statistical analysis of baseball.

(616) 395-7462