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ENGS 452 - Engineering Design

Course Description:
Engineering problems are usually solved by teams working in an industrial environment. In this course students work in teams to solve an engineering design problem. The scope of activity extends from problem definition and development of requirements, through construction of a working prototype. Other course work includes: basic techniques of engineering project management, a study of how the engineering design process is conducted within a typical industrial company or technical organization, building and working in and engineering design team, and development and refinement of communication skills needed in engineering design. Additionally, basic manufacturing processes for polymers, metals, composite materials will be discussed.

Course Objectives:
•  Learn to function as a member of an engineering design team
•  Experience an open-ended engineering design problem
•  Design a device or system to meet given design requirements
•  Utilize proper engineering documentation of project findings and results
•  Practice verbal and written communication skills


Past Student Design Projects