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3pt bending test on a reinforced concrete beam. Shown prior to loading.


Used in the following courses:

• Introduction to Engineering (ENGS 100)
• Mechanics of Materials Laboratory (ENGS 224)

Materials Preparation and Testing Laboratory

This laboratory is used for physical testing of engineering materials in both instructional and research settings. Features and equipment include:
• A strong floor that is designed with anchor points that support up to 50,000 pounds of force for testing large beams
• A screw-type Instron mechanical tester
• A servo-hydraulic Instron machine for cyclic loading and fatigue testing
• Environmental chambers for precisely controlling test conditions
• Two Rockwell Hardness testers
• A variety of small benchtop equipment for testing beam flexure, installing strain gages, and fabricating fiber reinforced polymer composites
• A dedicated space for mixing concrete and fabricating reinforced concrete beams.