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Engineering faculty and students are actively involved in a wide variety of research areas. Explore our website to see descriptions of past research work done by students working with faculty both at Hope and at other institutions. Current research opportunities can be found at SHARP-Summer Hope Academic Research Program. Participants receive a weekly stipend and a 50% housing allowance for their 8-10 weeks of work. Applications are due February 15th but students are encouraged to talk with the professor that they are interested in working with during the fall semester.

Research opportunities led by engineering faculty are:

In addition, there are several active physics research groups and also inter-disciplinary research projects that combine aspects of chemistry, environmental science, and/or geology. Distinctives of faculty-student collaborative research at Hope College:

  • The research done at Hope College is true cutting-edge scientific research. Unlike the projects that some other colleges call research, the work you will do at Hope College is not a repeat of others' work. We expect our students to make discoveries.
  • There are opportunities to work with faculty on research projects during the academic year (often for credit or pay).
  • On average, there are 15 students - including freshmen - involved in full-time summer research in the department.
  • A significant amount of work is done on campus but there are also opportunities to use the facilities at local corporations.
  • Students are presented with the opportunity to intern at prestigious companies including Johnson Controls, Smith Aerospace, GMB-Engineering, and Pfizer.
  • Students are sent to professional meetings to present results of the research they have done at Hope College.
  • Students are coauthors on published research in professional journals.
  • There are opportunities, both during the summer and academic terms, for future teachers to be active in scholarly work focusing on teaching science.
  • There are excellent library facilities on campus and extensive electronic access to material is available.