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The Major program with the Hope College Department of Theatre is designed on a "contract" basis and is tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual student. Every theatre major recieves a thorough education throughout all disciplines of theatre and drama and is able to use that education as the building block for a focus in their preferred area of theatre.

All students majoring in theatre are expected to take 35 credits of courses consiting of:

  • Acting I
  • Principles of Design
  • Theatre Crafts I and II
  • One design course (Scenic, Lighting, or Costume)
  • Play Analysis
  • Stage Management
  • Two theatre history courses (Western Theatre I, II, or American Theatre)
  • Stage Direction I
  • Three credits chosen from an independent student production or an internship with Hope Summer Repertory Theatre or other faculty approved off-campus program.

In addition to these courses, theatre majors participate in the numerous production opportunities the Department of Theatre has to offer.


Hope College Department of Theatre alumni have gone on to use their majors to pursue higher degrees (MA, MFA, MPhil, PhD) as well as to succeed in the professional world of theatre production. To learn more about the accomplishments of our alumni, visit our alumni page.


For more information on specific course offerings or further description of the major requirements, please see the Hope College 2014/15 Catalog