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What our Students Have to Say:

"A supportive community is vital in the arts: it challenges and invigorates you, while providing an invaluable support system with connections that last forever. The theatre department will inspire you to use the tools you've attained to go confidently into the world as an individual. If you know that theatre is what you crave, Hope will give you the means necessary to awaken your imagination."
-Isaac Bush ('09)

"As a student coming from out of state, I was able to quickly find a community in the theatre department. I felt accepted immediately and felt I had made the correct decision by choosing Hope College. The same community has been very supportive over the last few years and has encouraged me to pursue my career in the professional theatre world."
-Laura Van Tassell ('09)

“As theatre participants we know that every area of theatre is important, but when we become theatre students we learn how and why each component is unique and vital. I am not sure that you can ever learn too much about the different areas of theatre; you gain and share respect for other artists and you always accomplish more as a team. I really appreciate that Hope’s Theatre Department stresses the importance of being a well-rounded student.”
-Amanda Weener (‘04) is an Equity Stage Manager at
Milwaukee Repertory Theatre and Utah Shakespeare Festival

“Studying theatre at a liberal arts institution has benefited me greatly because of its emphasis on a well-rounded education. Being educated in different disciplines expands my artistic creativity. . . . If theatre is the study of human character, multicultural societies,
relationships, and time periods, then there is no educational environment that I could recommend more than Hope College.”

-Erik Saxvik (‘04) received an MFA from the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, CA

“In subjects across the board I have been challenged, enlightened, and encouraged by excellent teachers. At its best, my education has led me to search myself and the state of things as they are. I am able to do this and participate in the theatre at the same time. More importantly, I am able to bring what I am learning, growing into, and being challenged with to my experience in the theatre. This is when theatre becomes a rich event.”
-Tim Heck (‘04)is a member of The Blue Man Group in Chicago, IL