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Important Dates

Students Register from Spring 2015 Wait Lists: November 17-18
Drop/Add for Spring 2015 Begins: Wednesday, November 19
Thanksgiving Break: November 27-28
New Degree-Seeking Student Spring 2015 Registration: Monday, December 1
Last Day of Fall 2014 Classes: Friday, December 5
Non-Degree Seeking Student Spring 2015 Registration: Monday, December 8
Fall 2014 Exam Week: December 8-12
Campus Offices Closed: December 24 - January 2
Start of Spring 2015 Term: Tuesday, January 6
Last Day to Add/Drop First-Half Spring Semester Courses: Wednesday, January 14
Last Day to Add/Drop Full Spring Semester Courses: Wednesday, January 14
Last Day to Add/Drop Last-Half Spring Semester Courses: Thursday, March 5

News & Announcements

Spring 2015 Registration

For details on the Spring 2015 Registration timeline, visit our Registration page.

Wait List Notifications for Spring 2015:

Wait List notifications will be sent to student email addresses at 5:10pm on November 14. If you wait-listed yourself for a class, be sure to check your Hope email for the status. Please follow the instructions outlined in the email.

If you missed your Registration Time and were not able to be added to a Wait List, you may still have the opportunity to add the class(es) later during the Drop/Add Period.

Drop/Add Period:

All class schedule changes need to be processed in-person at the Registrar's Office with:

  • Supporting emails or signatures from each professor, giving permission to drop or add each class
  • Advisor permission (unless you are only changing sections of a class)


Summer 2015 Registration

Early Summer Registration for Off-Campus Programs (Domestic & International):

  • Begins Monday, January 19
  • Ends Friday, January 30

Summer Registration for On-Campus and Online Courses:

  • Begins late January/early February
  • May Term drop/add deadline is Wednesday, May 6 at 5:00pm (Time Tickets Expire)
  • June Term drop/add deadline is Wednesday, June 3 at 5:00pm (Time Tickets Expire)
  • July Term drop/add deadline is Wednesday, July 1 at 5:00pm (Time Tickets Expire)

Summer Courses:
MAY - JUNE - JULY 2015
Off-Campus Courses
Online Courses
On-Campus Courses