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      Now that I’m the Parent of a  Hope Student…..  

Maura Reynolds

(616) 395-7760


August 25, 2007 


Family members, primarily parents, have provided many years of nurturance and are still viewed by many students as the one stable, reliable source of comfort and counsel.         (p. 40)  

D. DeCoster and P. Mable (eds.), Understanding Today’s Students.

Jossey-Bass, 1981


I’m my own person


…but I still need you.





Students say that the

sort of learning expected in college is often different

than what was expected before.


1) Students are expected to read and to know material not covered in class.


2) What is expected is more than memorization. Students are expected to make connections and to interact with what they’re learning—rather than to absorb it passively.


3) The speed with which material is covered is often faster than before, so cramming is less successful.


4) In general, professors don’t check to see that students are keeping up.  Students will grow as self directed learners.


5)Tests often cover larger amounts of material. They may come less frequently, so it’s easier to fall behind, and the consequences can be more serious.


Areas where support of families is especially needed and important 


During first weeks & months, write letters, send cards, clip stories from newspapers,



Focus on listening rather than offering advice.  


Often students want their issues to be heard, not solved or trivialized.  


Encourage connections between student and faculty, staff, new friends, and campus organizations.


Reinforce the idea

of life—planning. 

Encourage your student

to take stock of career

and life style goals.


Classes With Writing 


Correct grammar, spelling, mechanics are expected, not rewarded


Development, of ideas, organization,

logic are stressed.