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Transfer Credit: Current Hope College Students

Use the Transfer Equivalency System (TES) to check for courses that have been pre-approved to transfer to Hope!

If you find your desired school and course in TES:
If the course is listed in TES, it has been pre-approved to transfer. You may enroll in the course and it will transfer as listed. You do not need to resubmit the course for approval. Continue reading for instructions about applying to the school and requirements for transfer credit.

If you do NOT find your desired school and/or course in TES:
TES is constantly being expanded as new courses are approved to transfer.  If the course is not listed in TES, it does not mean it won't transfer to Hope. You need to submit a request to transfer the credit using the online Credit Transfer Request. The course information will be sent to the appropriate department at Hope for review. Continue reading for instructions about applying to the school and requirements for transfer credit.


Application Process

If the school is located in Michigan, you may complete the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application instead of going through the school's application process. Bring your completed form to the Registrar's Office (1st floor, DeWitt Center) for processing. It is your responsibility to contact the school to confirm they have received your application and to inquire about their registration process.

If the school is located outside of Michigan, you should contact the school to inquire about their application process for guest students.


Courses and Credits


Fulfilling Requirements

Transfer Equivalency System (TES)

After Taking the Course




What kinds of courses transfer?
Courses must be 100-level or higher to be considered for transfer; remedial and developmental courses do not transfer.  Math courses must be Pre-Calculus or higher.  College Algebra and lower-level courses do not transfer.


Hope doesn't offer an equivalent to the course I’d like to transfer. Can I still earn transfer credit?
College-level academic courses that are similar to the type of classes offered at Hope can transfer as general credit.  Follow the procedure at the top of this page for transfer credit approval.  These courses will be listed on your transcript with the number 0100.  The credit counts toward the minimum 126 credits required to graduate, but does not automatically count toward a specific major, minor or general education requirement.


Are online courses acceptable to transfer?
Yes, currently online courses are evaluated for transfer just as on-campus courses are.


The other school is on a quarter calendar instead of semester calendar like Hope.  What does that mean for transferring credits?
Schools on the quarter system have 10-week terms, as opposed to 16-week semester terms.  Quarter hours will be converted to semester hours when transferring credit.  1 quarter hour is equivalent to 2/3 semester hour. 




How many credits can I transfer?
You can transfer a maximum of 65 community (2-year) college credits.  Overall, you may transfer up to 96 credits.  The final 30 credits must be completed at Hope.


Does the school need to be accredited?  What does that mean?
An accredited school has been reviewed by its regional accrediting agency and meets certain standards for higher education. Transfer credit is only accepted from regionally accredited institutions.


Can I retake a course at another school to improve my grade and raise my Hope GPA?
No, if you passed the course at Hope College (D- or higher), you should not retake the course at another school to improve your grade.  You can only retake the course at Hope to try for a better grade.  Credit cannot be awarded more than once for the same course. 


Does the grade transfer?  Will my grade at another school affect my Hope GPA?
Grades and honor points do not transfer; only the credit earned is transferred. The Hope GPA is not affected. On the Hope transcript, the transfer credit will have ‘TR’ listed in the grade column, instead of a letter grade.


What grade must I earn for the course to transfer?
You must earn a C or above.  Credit for transferable courses with grades of C- or below transfer only if the cumulative GPA at the other school is 2.00 or above.


Can transfer credit complete requirements for general education, majors and/or minors?
If the course is equivalent to a Hope course that completes a requirement, it will count toward that requirement.  However, students must complete the Global Learning – Domestic (GLD) and Global Learning – International (GLI) requirements at Hope College.  Transfer credit cannot be used to complete these requirements. 

General Education: If the credits are different at the other school, the Transfer Equivalency System notes if the course does not completely fulfill the requirement.  If the course is not listed in TES, you will list the general education requirement you are hoping to fulfill on the Credit Transfer Request.  When you are notified about the approval of the course, it will include the general education details.
If the course is not equivalent to a Hope course that automatically counts for general education, you must submit a general education substitution form.

Major and/or Minor: Consult your advisor and/or Department Chairperson before taking any major/minor required courses at another school. Some departments have transfer credit restrictions for major/minor requirements. If the credits are different at the other school, check with your major or minor department about the missing credit(s).  You may have to make up the credit within the total number of credits required for the major or minor.
If the course is not equivalent to a Hope course that automatically counts for the major or minor, you must submit a major/minor substitution form.


What if the course is 3 credits at the other school, but it’s a 4-credit course at Hope?
A 3-credit course will transfer as 3 credits; credit hours are never changed in transfer. Three-credit courses sometimes do not satisfy 4-credit Hope College requirements. It is noted in the Transfer Equivalency System if the course does not complete a general education requirement because of missing credits.


Why can’t a statistics course at another school transfer as Hope’s Math 210?  Why is it listed as Math 0110: Statistics Transfer Credit?
Hope’s Math 210 course offers a unique lab component that is not available at other schools.  The Math Department has determined that it will award Math 0110: Statistics Transfer Credit for transferable statistics courses, instead of Math 210.  Some departments that require statistics will allow this course to substitute for Math 210.  Check your degree evaluation for confirmation.  Students cannot earn credit for Math 0110 AND Math 210.  Math 0110 credit completes the math requirement for the general education curriculum.


In the Transfer Equivalency System, what does ‘units’ mean?
Units indicate how many credits the course is worth at the other school and at Hope College.  Credit hours are never changed in transfer. Quarter credit schools are indicated in the note section.


In the Transfer Equivalency System, what does an equivalent Hope course number of 0100 mean?
These 0100 courses are acceptable to transfer but do not have an equivalent at Hope.  The credit counts toward the minimum 126 credits required to graduate, but does not automatically count toward a specific major, minor or general education requirement.


How do I search for courses in the Transfer Equivalency System?  Can I search by course?
Initially, you must search by school.  Once you are in the school’s database, you can search for a specific course. Ctrl + F is a good way to find exactly what you are looking for.


I’m not sure if I’m going to take a course.  Should I still get it approved? 
It’s best to get the course approved, even if you’re not sure that you will complete it. 


I checked the Transfer Equivalency System and submitted the Credit Transfer Request.  What happens now?
You will receive a copy of your Credit Transfer Request immediately via email.  The Registrar’s Office will send the course information to the appropriate department for review.  You will be notified by email once a response has been received from the department.


What should I do after I complete the course?
Contact the school’s Registrar’s Office to request an official transcript be mailed to Hope College.  The official transcript (no faxed copies accepted) must be received by Hope's Registrar's Office to award transfer credit.

Send an official transcript to:
Hope College
Registrar’s Office
141 East 12th Street
PO Box 9000
Holland, MI 49422-9000


How do I know if Hope received the transcript?
Typically within one week of receiving the transcript, the transfer credit will be added to your Hope College record.  You can check your KnowHope Plus account to see if the credit has been added.

After logging into your KnowHope Plus account, choose:
> Registrar and Student Accounts
> Student Records
> Academic Transcript