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Summer Academy Programs for High School Students

We're working on next summer's schedule....
Stay tuned....

Eager to get hands-on experience in science? Interested in exploring science in more depth? See the detailed descriptions below.

--------3D Printing!------------Everest Trek!----------Environmental Modeling!--------------Engineering the Future!------

Camps run Monday – Friday, 9am -3pm at Hope College.

Lunch provided to campers.


EMAIL csi@hope.edu to be notified when the schedule is posted.




K-8 student? Click here for the Hope Science Camps

Nuclear Forensics Investigations (grades 9-12)

Wonder how scientists work backwards to uncover mysteries? Do science experiments leave traces that can be followed? Follow case studies in nuclear forensics to learn hands-on science exploration techniques in physics and chemistry. Students will explore a range of topics including measuring ionizing radiation from various sources, radiation of everyday sources, and gamma spectroscopy. Through scenarios based on historical events, students analyze radioactive clues to determine what occurred and what further action could be taken. They will then conduct investigations to a scenario in which nuclear forensics experts use nuclear chronometry in a real world setting.

Everest Trek (grades 6-8)

Calling all adventurers – imagine yourself hiking Mt. Everest. You’ll face challenges of testing your equipment to make sure they’ll survive the tough conditions, encounter unexpected terrain and design solutions around them. Apply your math and science skills to these fun design challenges.

Watershed Investigations (grades 9-12)

This academy will engage students in doing “hands-on” science. Participants will learn the science needed to answer questions about the local watershed through active inquiry. Throughout the academy, participants will interact with scientists and undergraduate researchers who are studying the local watershed to learn how they are applying their STEM expertise to understand the watershed and help the local community address issues of concern. Academy students will work in teams to identify a question they will address during the academy within the context of available resources and time. They will design and conduct experiments to help them answer their questions and analyze the results. On the final day of the program, the groups will give a formal presentation of their results to their peers, program leaders and community members, including Hope College scientists and science educators from the Outdoor Discovery Center.

Engineering the Future (grades 9-12)

Engage in the engineering design process to design a building of the future. Participants’ creativity will shine through as they learn to balance customer needs, costs, and existing technologies with their own ideas. Participants will prepare engineering designs, drawings and models of their concepts for review by others.

Camps run Monday – Friday, 9am -3pm at Hope College.

Lunch provided to campers.
Email Susan Ipri Brown at csi@hope.edu with any questions.

Thanks to Hope College Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program, Heronwood Nature Station at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, the Outdoor Discovery Center, the Michigan Space Grant Consortium and the Michigan chapter of the Amerian Physical Society for their generous support of scholarships for these academies!