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English Department Faculty

Julie Kipp

Education: B.A., University of Notre Dame (1984); M.A., University of Notre Dame (1992); Ph.D., University of Notre Dame (1997).

Expertise: 18th- and 19th-century British Literature, Irish Studies, Women's Studies.

Selected Works: Romanticism, Maternity, and the Body Politic (Cambridge University Press, 2003).

Distinctions: Towsley Research Scholar (Hope, 2001-2004); National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend (2001); Shaheen Graduate Student Award in the Humanities (1997-98); Award for Excellence in Teaching (Notre Dame, 1997).

Contact: Lubbers Hall 317


Romanticism, Maternity, and the Body Politic (2003).
This book examines Romantic writers' treatments of motherhood and maternal bodies through the lens of the legal, medical, educational, and socioeconomic debates about motherhood so prevalent during the Romantic period. These discussions rendered the physical processes associated with mothering matters of national importance. Kipp's primary concern is to trace ways that writers deployed representations of mother-child bonds variously as a means to naturalize, endorse, and critique Enlightenment constructions of interpersonal and intercultural relations.