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Department of English
126 E. 10th St.
Holland, MI 49423
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William Pannapacker

Professor of English and Director of the Andrew W. Mellon Scholars Foundation Program in the Arts and Humanities and Faculty Director of the Great Lakes Colleges Association Digital Liberal Arts Initiative

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholars Program in the Arts and Humanities:
A three-year program of faculty-student collaborative learning in scholarly research and digital technology. Includes summer research fellowships.

Newberry Library Program: A semester of scholarly research, seminars, and library internships in Chicago.

The Philadelphia Center: A semester of scholarly research, seminars, and internships in all fields.

English Courses: American Autobiography; American Literature, 1620-1865; American Literature and the Environment; Banned Books; Seminar in Literary Theory; Walt Whitman's America.

Cultural Heritage II: The West in the World: History, Literature, and Philosophy; Banned Books: Freedom and Censorship in the Age of Print.

Expository Writing II: Opinion Journalism: Columns, Op-eds, and Blogs; Writing About the Environment.

Expository Writing I: The American Presidency.

Curriculum Vitae

Contact:, (616) 395-7620, Lubbers 318 or the New Media Studio by appointment.

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