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The DeGraaf Lecture Series

About the DeGraaf Lecture:

The De Graaf lecture was established in 1988 in honor of Dr. Clarence De Graaf, who was a legendary presence in the history of Hope’s English department. We thank his daughter Ruth De Graaf Dirkse and his son-in-law Lamont Dirkse, and the rest of Dr. De Graaf’s family for this gift. Over the years the De Graaf lecture has brought us a procession of luminaries. It was initiated by Thomas Werge of Notre Dame, who had been one of Dr. De Graaf’s students; since then we have been privileged to hear from such admired scholars as Lawrence Buell, V. A. Kolve, Jane Tompkins, Tom Shippey, Terry Eagleton, Stephen Sumida, Ed Folsom, and Kenneth Price. More...


Syl Cheney-Coker
"The Writer's Other Self: Responsibility in an Age of Anxiety"


Anne Curzan, University of Michigan
"Local Language Choices, Broader Social Change"


Suresh Canagarajah, Pennsylvania State University
"English Studies as Creole Scholarship: A Postcolonial Perspective"


David S. Reynolds, CUNY Graduate Center
"Mightier than the Sword: Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Battle for America"


Margaret Anne Doody, University of Notre Dame
"Fiction and People: Making Up and Hanging Out with Characters"


Ken Price, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
"Walt Whitman in the Digital Age"


Stephen Sumida, University of Washington
"The Many-Mouthed Bird of Asian American Literature in the Early Twenty-First Century"


Terry Eagleton, University of Manchester
"The Death of Criticism?"


Ed Folsom, University of Iowa
"Walt Whitman's 1855 Leaves of Grass: What It Hides, What It Reveals"


Tom Shippey, St. Louis University
"From Page to Screen: Problems Tolkien Set for Jackson"


Jane Tompkins, University of Illinois at Chicago
"School as School: Professional Life as an Opportunity for Personal Growth"


V. A. Kolve, University of California, Los Angeles
"God-denying Fools: Imagining Atheism in Medieval Religious Art"


Lawrence Buell, Harvard University
"The Misery of Beasts and Humans: Environmental Justice in Literature and Society"


Elizabeth Cross, University of Michigan
"Why I Like Serialism, or The Investigative Poetics of a Medieval, Early American and Late 20th Century Writer"


Peter S. Hawkins, Yale Divinity School
"Naming Names: The Art of Memory and the NAMES Project AIDS Quilt"


Thomas Werge, University of Notre Dame
"America as Mystical Body: Slavery and Redemption in Lincoln, Stowe and Twain"